Monday, October 4, 2010

25 Things to Buy Before Your Baby is Born

These are just some essentials all mom’s-to-be should have before delivery. You’ll need a lot more for your baby to stay happy and healthy. It might be a good idea to print out this small checklist as you get along in your pregnancy.

Baby Clothes:
  • "Onesies"-this undergarment will be used daily, so stock up, if you don’t get the right size
  • Socks and Booties-depending on what season your baby is born you’ll want to go with either heavier (wool) or lighter (cotton) materials.
  • Hats-infants are more sensitive to the sun, cater materials to the season
  • Scratch mittens-these are a must have, since it’ll take some getting used to cutting nails.
  • Cardigans, T-shirts, pants-make sure to buy neutral colors if you don’t know the sex of the baby
Diaper Changing:
  • Diapers-Cloth diapers are a lot cheaper, reusable and better for the environment, while disposable diapers are easier and faster to use.
  • Baby Wipes-make sure to get something extra thick
  •  Diaper/Changing bag-look for options with plenty of room and extra compartments.
  • Changing Mat-it’ll be handy when you need to change baby in public.
  • Diaper Rash Cream-you want something thick and moisturizing.
Baby Hygiene:
  • Baby bath-you’ll need this for your baby to feel safe and secure during bath-time.
  • Shampoo & baby soap -are always essentials needed by the time baby comes home.
  • Baby lotion, talc, or oil-dry skin is an affliction for many babies so, make sure you keep moisturizers on-hand
  • Baby Towels, wash clothes, & sponges-use a clean towel made from soft materials
  • Baby brush(or comb) –you may not need it right away, but you will soon enough.
Breast/Bottle Feeding:
  • Breast Pump-to easily pump breast milk into bottles
  • Nursing bras, breast pads, & nipple cream-all essential during the breastfeeding/pumping stage.
  • Instant Formula Milk-make sure to check expiration dates, especially if buying in bulk.
  • Bottles-make sure to buy several but, when it comes to nipples your baby could be a little picky so don’t buy too many of one kind before your delivery
  • Bottle brush & sterilizing tablets/fluid-cleaning babys products can be a little difficult so make sure to invest in these to keep babys stuff clean.
Misc Baby Supplies:
  • Bassinet or crib-a bassinet is more important pre-conception since most mothers enjoy keeping their child in the room with them immediately after being discharged by the hospital.
  • High-chair-so you already have a ready feeding place for baby.
  • Baby bouncer-these interactive toys are ideal for keeping baby happy while you attend to other things.
  • Baby Pram/Stroller-since carrying your baby might not always be the best option!
  •  Baby Sling-makes carrying your baby easier and give you more support and flexibility.

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