New Parents/ Infant Care

Congratulations To All Parents of Newborns!! It's a Boy...Girl...either way, Hurray!


For new parents the arrival of the newborn brings a lot of excitement in their lives.They might look fragile and vulnerable, which they truly are, but there are some pretty surprisingthings babies can do, to the delight of many people.

Most newborns can do the following surprising things...believe it or not!
And they can hear everything!

Babies are learning faster than you think...

Babies hear very well and receive up to 20,000 vibrations per minute, while adults only receive 14,000.
The fetus begins to react to sounds, beginning in the twenty fourth week of pregnancy
and a week after delivery they begin to distinguish their mother's voice from the voice of other people.
In the case of distinguishing from the mother tongue and a foreign language, the mimic
plays an important part.

Infant Testing

Here in the good old U.S of A., a test was performed.
To some babies a videotape recorded in English, but with no sound was played.
Later on, another tape without sound was played, but recorded in French.
The babies showed more interest to the French videotape than to the one recorded in their
mother tongue, because they were familiar with the English tape.
This ability is usually lost after the age of six months.
In a test performed in prattling with the hands, studies have shown that babies who grow up
confronted with sign language, also try to communicate with their hands.
In the beginning it is slow and unsteady, but definitely prattling with the hands!
Babies watch you, the mother!
Before humans can speak, they understand what others say, through observing the mimic of nearby persons, so mothers, be careful what you say!
The older babies become, the smarter they are.
Researchers have discovered that through life, we lose some of our abilities, especially
our learning abilities. This ability is most effective at the age of six months.
So, the idea that they are young and don't know is just an illusion.
During the first days of life the new generation seems to resemble to the father. This is only a joke from nature.
It has decided that all fathers in the world, even before genetic testing was invented,
would be able to recognize their babies and take care of them and their mothers.
Children tend to be little Einsteins, even before they learn how to add and count, test
have shown, they have a great intuition!
Who or what are you looking at? It is not difficult for an adult to distinguish human
faces from one another even if they might look alike.
However when we have to distinguish between two resembling figures of monkeys, we
are totally unable. This does not happen with babies.
Tests have proven that they posses this ability, but lose it in time.
Babies have also shown preference for their own mother's scent.
More to come so PLEASE check back :)