Monday, October 11, 2010

Baby Sleep Training – Putting Baby to Bed


The parent who tries to get their baby to sleep at night, often get very little sleep themselves. Some parents get exhausted trying to get their babies to fall into a regular sleeping pattern. Unfortunately, baby sleep training is a reality that all parents will have to face if they ever want to get some rest at night. Baby sleep patterns are different from infant sleep patterns, and can be approached in many different ways. Are you losing a lot of sleep wondering how to train your baby to sleep alone? Would you like to get a break and get some well deserved rest? Then the following recommended methods should be of some help to you.

Intervention techniques

You probably noticed that when you first arrived back home with your new infant, the baby slept most of the time and woke up for regular feedings. An infant's behavior is predictable and usually follows a pattern of sleeping and feeding. When babies get older however, they tend to stay awake for longer periods of time, and sometimes they will keep you awake for long periods of time until you can train them to sleep regularly on their own. After more than a few sleepless nights you will want to try some intervention techniques that will help your baby transition into a predictable pattern of sleep. The intervention techniques described below will all work, which one you want to use will be your own personal preference.

Get Baby Used to You Leaving: The Ferber Method

The Ferber method teaches the parent to wait until the baby begin to show signs of fatigue, and then put them to bed and leave them alone in the room to go to sleep on their own. The parent does not return to the room for five minutes, even if the baby cries. When they have consoled the baby and leave the room again, they will wait for ten minutes before returning to the room. The process is repeated adding more time between returns, until the baby has fallen to sleep. Parents will continue the process on day two, but will extend the amount of time before returning to the room until they have learned to sleep without them.

Ferber Method Alternatives

An alternative to the Ferber method is the gradual parent removal method, and this simply means that you will stay with your baby when its bedtime. A chair is set up next to the crib for the parent, and for the first two nights parents will wait until baby falls asleep. The third and forth night are spent a little farther away from the baby. The process is repeated until the parent can leave the room.

Babies Crying Themselves to Sleep

 Some parents choose the cry out method that just lets the baby cry themselves to sleep. This is a difficult task for the parent who wants to consol the baby after long crying spells.

Enjoy the infant sleep patterns while they last, before long you will be losing some sleep. The baby sleep training methods described in this article should put your problems to rest in no time. Parents can rest assured that when the baby sleep patterns become regular, they will be able to rest themselves.

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